La Freightlift Pvt Ltd – Annual Meeting 2021

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On Monday, 29th March 2021, the Annual Meeting held in Chennai, India

WELCOME TO THE 2021- La Freightlift Pvt Ltd ANNUAL MEETING

  • La Freightlift ANNUAL MEETING is conducted yearly, by gathering our honourable Managing Director, Directors, Head of Departments, Management Team, and Staff members.
  • Our representatives from the Overseas division and Pan India Branch members attended this annual meeting using an online forum (Virtual Video Conferencing).
  • The company presented its overall performance for the FY 2020-2021, including financial performance.
  • Targets, goals (both short-term and long-term goals), sales, and achievements were presented by our Finance Head.
  • Management team members and Regional Heads took this annual meeting as an opportunity to re-energize themselves to meet up the set goals.
  • The meeting concluded with a more energetic and vibrant speech of Venkat A, Managing Director of La Freightlift Pvt Ltd, that “the ability to be flexible and proactive in response to requests/requirements received from the customers/clients continues to be a hallmark of La Freightlift’s work.”

The key elements which were discussed in the annual meeting 2021 are mentioned below:


La Freightlift, as a Global Freight and Supply Chain company, aims to articulate three things:

To begin, what is “Our Purpose”: Why does La Freightlift exist?

Second, what is “Our Vision”: Where do we want to be?

Third, what is “Our Strategy”: How do we want to get there?


“La Freightlift Pvt Ltd services numerous local and global clients by handling their cargo safely, to its destination and creates consistent savings for industrial giants, generating more opportunities for India”. Our purpose, therefore, is to deliver strong, stable logistics and supply chain services.

We achieve our purpose by successfully managing our relationship with almost 189 countries around the globe where we operate in all major airports and seaports in India. We are specialised in International Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage.

We hold adequate professional licenses and are part of various affiliations as shown below:

AEO (Authorized economic operator),

IATA(International Air Transport Association),

MTO (Multimodal transport operator),

FMC (The Federal Maritime Commission),

ACAAI (National Association representing the air cargo industry),

FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations),

AMTOI (Association Of Multimodal Transport Operators of India),

MCCI (Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry),

SICCI (Southern Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry),

FFFAI(Federation of Freight Forwarder’s Associations in India),

& other Reliable Global Partners.


La Freightlift has been in service for 27 years, so where we want to be in another 25 years, our vision is depicted below

In 2020 we are the “Top 10 most promising Global freight and supply chain solutions provider in India, But, our ultimate vision by 2030 is to become the “Preferred Global Supply Chain Service Provider of the World” with cost-effective pricing, performance, quality, and reputation.

Our vision is supported by accreditations with various global trade bodies coupled with overseas partners across 189 countries in providing end-to-end solutions of delivering a wide range of supply chain services to its customers.

Our focus is to become a market leader; being known to be experts in our trade, with quality industrial standards and a good reputation to do business with.

Today this is possible with the great support of our reliable air & sea liners, clients/customers, and partners, with pride of being part of La Freightlift family for more than 27 years.


“We will build on what we have, we will more proactive to change with the changing industry expectations.”

There are no major surprises here: this is not the company’s first attempt to move its direction to meet the changing demands of the trade. We will continue to be loyal to ourselves and our business partners. That being said, we intend to grow on what we have already developed or made, and we will do so by being more proactive.


We’ve already concluded few key deals since the last annual meeting, thanks to our team’s determination and commitment in aligning themselves with the organisational goals.

In January of this year, we confirmed the freight cargo of numerous containers to South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. We were able to deliver the cargo right on time with no extra demurrage paid by the customers or buyers. Other deals were regarding pharma, textile, and automotive where we analysed the procedural activities on moving specific cargo safely on time.

La Freightlift holds certified professionals to handle dangerous goods Class 1 – 9 which makes us an elite freight forwarder. Through our consistent teamwork, creative tactics, and right leadership we were able to achieve the organisational goals from time to time.


We have broken our thoughts on COVID-19, and its impact on our functional operational environment, into three phases:

  • Our immediate response (2020)
  • How are we responding to it now?
  • Our way forward


In early March 2020, as we watched the pandemic unfold offshore, we recognised that the timing of our capital commitments, and industry financing, might be impacted.

When we went into lockout, we implemented our corporate survival strategies, but still adhering to government directives. Despite the fact that many companies were affected, La Freightlift assured employment and full remuneration to all its employees. On a few occasions, we had to re-establish our team to operate from home and partly on-site.

Our Board of Directors and Management Team have been evaluating the changing situations, to ensure that La Freightlift is equipped and robust in the face of a variety of outcomes. It led us to examine our budgets, both capital and operational to meet the commitments to our partners, liners, carriers, and customers. Also, on consistent investments despite the market’s relaxation in order to serve our clients.


With the growing phase in the economy of the nation, post-pandemic situation, we have also shifted our focus in improving the business opportunities by utilising various relaxations given by the government. To that end, we have been and will continue to collaborate closely with our partners, carriers, and clients to meet their needs. A variety of solutions and frameworks have been adopted on a case-by-case basis to meet the industry challenges.


We will be more focused on maintaining healthy business relationships with our associates and business partners with a clear strategy on being customer-centric to respond to these latest challenges and also to capitalise on any opportunities that may arise out.

we will continue to contribute more precise and more efficient tools, better service with the responsibility of providing cost-effective “Global Freight and Supply Chain solutions”, thus ensuring the sustainable development of the company.

Some of the charts and figures are not made public as it is confidential since La Freightlift is a private organisation.

The next annual meeting of the La Freightlift Pvt Ltd is proposed to be held in March 2022.