We provide free, no-obligation quick quotes for all shipments types. Our prices reflect our commitment to offer the very best quality services at outstanding value for the money. Once you have seen our prices, we are sure that you will want to get in touch and move your shipment swiftly and efficiently. Feel free to call us on +91.44.22347533 / +91.44.22320642 anytime or email us on info@laflcargo.com or use our chat system to connect with our professional team member. We are always very pleased to hear from customers both old and new, and can assure you our logistics specialist advice at all times.

New Platform

Our New Platform

Our new upcoming platform can be soon employed to manage key parts of the business process and transactions. It enables to run a lean business structure model under one system to provide great logistics visibility. The design along with supplementary services has put us on the map as a company that is able to overcome the arising challenges in the industry as well as support our local and global clients.

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